Airline Mobility Repair Services
provided by the Global Repair Group

The Global Repair Group provides mobility equipment repair services for many of the largest airlines throughout the industry and for their passengers. To learn more about the Global Repair Group's airline mobility repair services, choose the service type below that best meets your needs.

Global Repair Group is the exclusive provider of handling assistive device claims for  American Airlines, American Eagle, Virgin America and Iberia Airlines.

Global Repair is the on-site provider of the 2012 Paralympic Games at Heathrow Airport.

Additional airlines we provide services include: Air Lingus, Air Nippon, Delta at Heathrow, Frontier, JetBlue, TAM, Southwest, United, US Airways, Virgin America, and Virgin Atlantic.


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For Airlines:

The Global Repair Group is proud to provide assistance and service to some of the largest airlines in the aviation industry. We help airlines manage the rising costs of mobility equipment claims by not only repairing equipment but through the education of staff to try to prevent these claims.

Click here to read more about how the Global Repair Group's Airline Mobility Repair Service can help your organization resolve and potentially prevent these claims. Through our Airline Mobility Repair Services department, we provide commercial airlines Mobility Repair Services that includes a full set of services and solutions. As a leading provider of mobility equipment throughout the United States, The Global Repair Group has an in-depth knowledge of all types of mobility equipment (e.g. mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, rollators, etc.),

The Global Repair Group has the expertise to first train your staff on proper handling of equipment to prevent any damage. In the event damage does occur, we quickly respond, assess, repair or replace and return the equipment as quickly as possible. All this is completed in the most cost-effective manner to the airlines.

For Airline Passengers:

If your mobility equipment has been damaged by an airline, please contact the Global Repair Group's Airline Mobility Services Repair department to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. In order for us to get your equipment back to its original condition as quickly as possible please contact us with the type of mobility equipment, airline claim number and your contact information. Our number one goal is to quickly resolve your issue. We take responsibility for assessing the damage, working with the airlines to process the claim and ultimately repairing or replacing your equipment.

Need More Information?

We understand working with the airlines can be difficult at times, but we are experts and have solid relationships with many airlines to assist in resolving any damage quickly and efficiently.

Please contact a Global Repair Group representative at 877-852-1576 or send an e-mail to We answer any questions and walk you through the claim process until it is resolved.


For Airline Passengers:

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